What a great day!

The community has bins! and we are monitoring the rate that trash bins fill up in two hour shifts 10 hours a day...great times.

Here is a glamour shot of one of the bins locked into position next to a bunch of caged chickens on the back of a bicycle. Here you can buy your live chickens for slaughter directly in front of your home...yay!

Below, some young men read the poster on how to use the bin, with handy catch phrases like "put your garbage in the trash bin" and "open and close the lid".
In this picture, from right to left, we have an MCD trash remover, Musheer, Gulzar (one of the community committee members), and a second MCD trash remover. Both of these trash removers ran away before they gogt a chance to move any trash. These workers are proving very difficult to get a hold of and retain.

That is a good looking open sewage line if I've ever seen one...no garbage...it is unbelievable!
Here is Dharani - our trash bin warrior - diligently measuring trash heights every 30 min, while training us to do the same.

On the job...it started raining heavily during my monitoring shift and so Meenu and I sat under an overhang near the temple and she did mehindi (henna) on one of my hands. For most of the time we had a crowd of about a dozen boys, girls and women watching Meenu draw lovely designs.
...and you think I am kidding about gathering all these stray cows and becoming an urban cow-herder.

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