Gorgeous Goa (These posts in 2007 are from the time in India)

Guy painting flag pole on ridiculously long ladder in Panaji (Goa's capitol)
Panaji is a romatic Portuguese city in India.
Large church - with eclectic interior
Look - beach cows!
Excitingly wild coastline in Vagator, Goa
From the top of a hill with a big, ruined fort on it

This is what happens to toilet paper on a windy day on the top of a hill on the coast from the wall of a ruined fort
Ah...the buses...how we love you.
Cat and Jessica on the beach before eating dinner at a beach-front restaurant (the site of huge beach-raves during high-season)
Back in Panaji

India knows how to do colors
beach dogs like fish
Men pulling in nets
I swam to the island in the distance...it took about an hour against the current - I was very tired when I clambered onto the first, slimmery, sharp rock I came to.

Stay tuned....BONUS PICTURES coming next weekend from Jessica's camera (since mine had no battery for much of the trip)


Settled in Boston...pictures from Kerala

Fort Kochin, Kerala - hanging out and touring the backwaters

Artsy, little cafe (with the highest concentration of European tourists found over the summer). Here Jessica is modlingg a walnut-something cake and sparlking lime juice.
Private yoga class for Catherine. For $8 I got a 90 minute yoga class with this guy. He was cool and showed off for me a little bit - which was fun. In this position he lowered his knee down until it touched the ground and then lifted himself back up again.
Ah...the backwaters tour in Kerala on a wooden houseboat...it doesn't get much better than this. Picture-perfect weather, scenary...
Hard to beat this level of relaxation. Here are my knees with my tea balanced on the side-rail of the houseboat.
And then there was the jungly canoe-ride and the eating of the freshly picked coconut...oh yes and the drinking of the quickly fermenting coconut flower tonic (drink it fast, while it is only the alcoholic level of beer!)

Snake Boat Races at Alleppey (sp?), Kerala

Costumed dancing with drummers and people with huge heads before the races
Very striking young woman dancer
Part of the 150 person boat including rowers, cheerleaders, water bailers and those guys at the end doing some combination of steering and ceremonial paddle raising during the race.
When boats sink...
Boat racing after party on a boat amongst the traffic jam of ferries leaving the spectator islands.

Pictures from Goa to follow!