Apparently I have become veggie

First, let us review our hot weather conversions: 1. 30 min outside at 46 deg C = feel like crap 2. 6 L of water in (24 glasses) at 46 deg C - ~1 L of water out = 5 L of sweat and evaporated water! This morning I learned that monsoon season will start in about 1-2 weeks, bringing cooler temperatures...I have a new favorite season! (Pictures aren't uploading today..will have to save for tomorrow)

Fun Fact: "Brain freeze", like that experienced when eating ice cream too quickly, can be alternatively obtained by moving between outside and inside temperatures. Wooo!


Toddley said...

Catherine, Catherine, Catherine.

weigh yourself next time :)

Urinary volume is a tricky thing. The normal human body produces ~ 5 mL urine/Kg body weight per 0.5 hours. So, you're looking at a ~250 mL for a 50 Kg (110 lbs) person in 1 half hour. 250 mL is a lot of pee, and might seem like a liter to the untrained pee inspector.

BUT, there is a problem with your math! You don't evaporate/sweat all the water youtake in. When your body is stressed from heat and fluid loss, there is an increase in the level of anti-diuretic hormones and an overall signal from your glandular organs to sequester fluids. In other words, your body says,

"Not so fast bladder! Stop that pee at the door, we need it in the blood and tissues."

Or...something to that effect, though not so much with words but with molecules, and not to the bladder but to the kidneys. I digress.

Anyway, the odds on bet is that you stored most of that 6 liters in your body (bravo on the fluid consumption, btw.)

so, yeah. There you have it, there it is .

- Toddley

Ranjani said...

we had quite the discussion about your urine today in the office.

Anonymous said...

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