A birthday

Sunday was Julie's birthday which we celebrated by getting a chocolate cake in the afternoon, going out for dinner, watching a movie, and spending about 8 hours trying to finish our reports. For dinner we we went to Haldiram's - a clean, popular semi-Indian fast food where you can get order anything from South Indian, North Indian, Tandoori, Chinese, Continental (including rench friees and cheese pizza) and a whole array of desserts and drinks. I chose a yogurt dish called "Special Dahi Bhalla" (shown below), which turned out to be two raisin bread balls doused in yoghurt, followed by dashes of tamarind sauce and a little chutney sauce and topped off with more yoghurt and spicy, cruchy balls.

Here is a picture of the girls (plus Musheer) outside Haldiram's restaurant.


Rose said...

Hi Cat,

I have been following with interest this year's Cat-adventure. You haven't mentioned the temperatures being oppressive after the first days of oven quality heat. Does that mean you are getting used to the heat of 100 to 115? Do my eyes deceive me or are you sporting a tan?
CT is a blast with a broken AC and cleaning up the dead chipmunks and frogs from the cat's nighttime kill.
Hope your work is rewarding as well as making you ever more worldly.


Anonymous said...

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