Could have been worse...

Well, I just broke my laptop but it could have been much worse. The data appears to be in tact and I still have about 25% of the screen. I have the upper-left quadrant, which if I got to choose, would definitely have been in my top two choices for favorite screen quadrants. Since I am successfully posting a blog it looks like I may continue using the laptop for email and blogging (even though looking at the screen so soon after the accident makes me a sad.) I have attached the following picture for those who have never seen a broken laptop screen before:

In other news I visited another community today and say children getting water from a gaint water pipe with leaks. Here is a picture.

Also, I am heading to Agra tomorrow to see the Taj Mahal and two other sites - it should be another hot day with a high around 100-1110F. I can't see what I am typing so I think I will wrap up here.


Megan said...

I've never seen a broken screen - fascinating. (I'm delighted to say that it's recently become much more of a likely eventuality now that:) Colum & I've aquired a 2nd laptop!

What I'm truly delighted about though, is that we've finally acquired a faster-than-dialup, reliable I'net connection, so I feel more able to indulge in GREAT FUN like reading your blog. Thanks so much for documenting so fabulously. Love Megan / Margie

Anonymous said...

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