I did it. I fixed my broken LCD screen…well, actually the nice Indian man fixed it in 30 min for 6800 Rs (~$175)…not too shabby. The resolution is not as high as the old screen, but a full screen sure beats being restricted to the upper-left quadrant. For any of you people interested in computers, Nehru place is some sort of computer mecca. It is a bee hive labyrinth of thousands of tiny computer stores and electronics parts vendors – it was pretty unbelievable. Today we are off to do more sight-seeing in Delhi. (pictures to follow) I have been up since 6am (yes, because I’m a crazy person) but also because 6:30am is when my friend Deepak and I do Pranayama (yoga breathing exersizes)…after 7am the sun is too hot to be sitting outside on the field comfortably.


Moribund said...

Congrats on getting your screen fixed.


My Daughter said...

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