The first day in the slums was about as successful and fun as we could hope for: our team (Jessica, Dhirani, Musheer, and I) accompanied the Deepalaya community health mobilizer, Kavita, on her daily round through one of the local slums, A-block. Jessica and I can only introduce ourselves in Hindi and say a few phrases so all the interviewing was done by Dhirani and Musheer. However, I think we were helpful in that we were able to draw quiet a rambunctious and enthusiatic crowd of children and potential interviewees. In 1.5 hours we obtained the family history and the options on health care through the local NGOs and government from 12 families.
Kavita, Catherine, Julie and Musheer at the Deepalaya health clinic.

Crowd of excited children from A-block. The dogs name was Julie as well.
The girl to the right of the mother in the yellow sari wanted to learn English and Dharani convinced me to sing Happy Birthday for the crowd and everyone joined in:)

After work we went to see this impressive Baha'i temple shaped like a lotus flower (Lotus Temple) - the four girls negotiated a fare back home by ourselves for the first time. This was a little challenging but we ended up paying only 10Rp. more than we should have (80Rp.) - therefore I deem our negotiating skills a huge success!

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