Ladders, cows, and nearby people

Of all the awkward, oversized objects that I wish I could bring back to the US from India, I think the Bamboo ladder is certainly in my top 5. I see these ladder shops fairly frequently and look longingly at both the tan and reddish varieties of mid-length ladders. (To my dismay I learned today that I would actually have a hard time buying a ladder here, because these are all ladder rental stores...and they make much more money renting them out that they would selling them...apparently)
I can't believe I haven't written on the topic of stray cows before! They are everywhere. For a work-capable (not to mention holy) animal, you would think the owners of these cows would try to keep them from getting lost...but apparently lost cows is the norm in Delhi - they are everywhere! On the sidewalk, on the median (one of their favorite places), near shopping centers, on piles of garbage (as shown below). I mostly see the cows eating trash but occasionally I see one eating grass - they come in all sorts of colors but most often they are a greyish color with black shading, especially around the eyes, which makes some of them quite handsome. They look different from American cows, although I see so many of these here I am forgetting what US cows look like. Anyway, I cam considering collecting these cows and becoming an urban cow-herder.
Near this cow is Buhmin camp. We visited this community today because it is supposedly served by 6 nearby NGOs. The camp was in pretty good shape in terms of child in school enrollment, and general health - but sanitation, access to health information, and services for the disabled were severely lacking. Almost none of these children had ever heard of the nearby NGOs and the few that knew about them often complained of their worthlessness and corruption. I am not sure why these children looked quite so confused and startled when I took this picture, since they had been following us around for about 30 min.
This guy is selling vegitables in the open space in front of his door. The flies don't show up in this picture.
I wanted to show how the water drainage flows next to the houses on either side of the alleyway walking path, usually with rock bridges between the doorway and the path. At complicated intersections, the water takes up more space and there are larger (more dangerous looking) bridges...the pizza here is not as good as in Venice.
It was a good Tuesday in India. (Hot again)

Team health update:
1 heat stroke/fever/stomach issues
1 stomach issues
3 OK

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