Last day of community education...Launch of Implementation Phase tomorrow!

Enjoying delivered pizza since the group worked together all day until late at night. Tasty, although a bit hurried....remember the breathing!
Meenu with community children before the last community education street play.
Children crowding to see the street play in the Bengali Market.
After the play, there were children surrounding us on every side. Apparently I am smooshing a small boy with my hand here. If we do another event like this, crowd control is going to be a primary concern.
Team wearing the team shirts on the stairs leading up to the field where I run. It has been unseasonably dry recently - leaving the weather persistently hot and humid.

Way past tired now...good night.


Joel said...

Love the blog, Cat. Keep up the good work!

saurabh said...

Its a lovely blog
keep up the good work
god bless you

www.medianowonline.com said...

Cat you are doing good work for community. I live in Faridabad and i can understand problems of this city. Your effort was great. When you will come next time Faridabad/ be my guest. I am running a website www.medianowonline.com if i can do something for community project? you can write at yusuf.kirmani@gmail.com

Cherry Tarak's Blog said...

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