Picking the pilot project community

* one dirty slum community (300 families or ~1500 people)
* dirtyness needs to be due to garbage in thrown by community members in the public areas (including ground, and waterways)
* the community members need to be incredibly frustrated with all the garbage
* but the community should not have already tried to deal with the problem themselves
* there need to be community members that will actively support our project

One frustrated, dirty, (relatively educated), slum community (including a residential area and a residential area converted to little shops)

Here is one of the government water takers. When it shows up the children start yelling and running after it and everyone comes rushing with their hoses and buckets and the daily water-rush begins.
Alleyway, as we were wondering through the slum communities looking for one with the right problems, geometry and character.
Ooooh! this one has got lots of garbage problems!
This community has drainage problems because it has garbage clogging the drains. Interestingly this community claimed that the government will not help them because they voted for the opposition party and that the political party in power will only help those communities that voted for them. My American brain says that there is something wrong with that political policy.
We went to the Faridabad mall for dinner last night ( coming home scandelously late time of 10:50pm after our curfew of 8:30pm). The Indian/Chinese restaurant let Yamilee and Julie order Pizza Hut to this restaurant, which worked out well for our group since Jessica, Sony and I wanted Chinese.

Hugs to everyone! I can't believe there are only two weeks of work left!!!

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