Train, Pain, and a return to Decadence

After a 1 hour taxi ride to the train station we rushed to our platform and tried to find out where we should go to get into Boogie (car) number B7. We asked three people whose answers ranged from both extremes of the long platform so we decided to hang out in the middle (it was a little hot!). When the train arrived the plot thickened...there was no car nunber B7. The train person tried to explain that this is the NEW train and therefore there was no B7 car. We caught hold of a another distressed B7 passenger who thought the extra car may have been tacked on to the end of the train so we raced to the end and got into a car with a paper sign on the outside that appeared to read 'B1'. When we got on, there were eight people who claimed that they were supposed to sit in 6 seats and so things were tight until the conductor came through 2 hours later and cleared things up.Here is Jessica about 14 hours later, eating breakfast on the top bunk. I was in a nearby-top bunk and slept pretty well, despite the severe cold that had me caughing and spitting up phlem periodically...wooo!
Julie's family in Bombay (technically Mumbai), generously sent their personal driver to pick us up from the train station (where our train arrived 2 hours late). We got settled in our fancy hotel (4 girls in one suite for $25/each/night) which was right near the Gate of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel and went to find food. We found "Food Inn" where I ordered tandoori chicken, roti, and a bananna lassi....possibly some of the best ckicken I have ever had! I guess I was missing meat. Here is the Taj Mahal Hotel...there are a lot of buildings in Bombay designed by european architects during British rule...however, this hotel was built by a rich Indian who was turned away from a fancy British hotel, so he decided to make a super-expensive hotel that anyone (with money) could stay at. Later that night, Julie's extended family (about 15 of them) met up for dinner and invited us. We feasted on indian, chinese, and thai dishes at a long banquet table and ended the meal with one of the best desserts I have had in a while: brownie with ice cream, covered with sizzling chocolate sauce.
We slept very soundly this night.

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