Compromise for sustainability

Last night it rained all night and all through the morning. View outside our rooms.
Monitoring the bin system: the local MCD manager is still having trouble sending a worker for 30 min 2x a day to take away the garbage. Last night we hit a semi-crisis point as several bins had filled up by 4:30pm and the local manager told us that he would not send an afternoon worker. We went for a meeting at the municipal councilor's office (read furniture store and nearby pharmacy) and had a blunt conversation about how government workers will only perform our community's work if there is a monetary incentive system put in place so that this area of work will be prioritized for the understaffed MCD office.

For yesterday evening, the Municipal Councilors nephew took on the local MCD manager's responibilities and personally arranged and paid for two workers on short notice - 150 Rs (~$4) for two guys to haul 10 trash bins to the big dumpster.
I was pretty tired by the end of the rounds in the community and was sitting under the overhang near the temple (where we will be giving our final show for the community tonight) and as usual children hung about watching me write and asking me to take their picture through hand gestures.

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