Pictures from the temple life

There is a tremendous amount to say about the last 3.5 days. All wonderful. However, I only left the temple to make sure I could get to Cambodia on Jan 20th. Before I head back to temple-life here are some pictures I wanted to share with you.

This is our teacher, Dr. Nagau

Here is where I go during our relaxation times

This is the hot chocolate I drink in the afternoon because we don;t have any food after 12pm

This is where I practice

And this is one of my favorite temple dogs

And finally, this is my new room. It is about 4'6" by 5'10", and I am very fond of it.


Ram said...

Awesome pics and commentary of your adventures. Please keep it up; I'm enjoying living vicariously through you.

Looking forward to the next updates,


Bill said...

No food after 12pm? In my experience that would make you pretty cranky!