I am a certified scuba diver to 60 ft!

My scuba training took 3 days and was done entirely in the ocean. The first day was in very shalow ocean where I learned a bunch of the skills after doing bookwork, watching videos and taking tests in the morning.
On day 2 we went out to Ko Ha Lagoon which was about a 2 hour boat ride from Ko Lanta. On this day I did 2 dives to 12 meters
I got to meet most of the cast from finding Nemo which was exciting. You may recognize the fish being pointed to in the picture which is a Moorish Idol, not to be confused with the nearly identical Banner Fish that has a much longer white thingy on top.
It is Nemo and the anemone! I admit that it was embarrassing how many times during my dive I had the thought..."this is so much like the movie"...especially when schools of hundreds of fish make turns al in unison like they are actually one creature.
The rocks that we visited near Ko Phi Phi, that were apparently covered with water thousands or milions of years ago, are good looking above water but a mindblowingly stunning underwater. On day 3 I was diving to 18meters (60ft) and was comfortable enough with my boyancy to be doing nearly continuous barrel rolls as I toured around under water.
The closest thing I can compare to looking up along 60 feet of nearly vertical coral reef covered in life toward the light coming from above is a futuristic alien city where millions of aliens are going about their business moving in and out of their colorful and undulating homes and stores.
I saw a lot of strange underwater life but I would like to highlight a couple:
Blue sea star - these were everywhere and has arms that were sometimes over a foot long draped over rocks and coral
Christmas Tree Worm - makes very bright (blue, orange, purple) multi-tiered parasols that stick out of the coral and retract very quickly when you come close
I think I like bright schools of fish the best of all...watching thousands of fish moving all around you as if you aren't even there is incredible...especially while doing barrel rolls...
My days for the past week have gone something like this on scuba diving days...
6am-7:30 meditate and collect shells on beach, watch the sun rise
7:30am -  get picked up by diving company and am on the boat by 8am
8:30am -  Amazing breakfast (omelets, fruit, weat bread, vegitables, jam, yogurt) is shared on the 3 level diving boat
9am - Discuss the days dives with my instructor (I am her only client for these 3 days!) over tea
10am-11:30am - Preparation and first dive
11:30-12:30 - Excellent lunch of vegitables and curries with rice
1-2:30 - Prep and second dive
4pm - Go to favorite beach hang out caled "Thai Cat" and drink/eat a fresh coconut while reading my book (see coconut below)
5pm - Go for swim in the ocean
6pm - Watch the sunset and read book
7pm - Meet friends for dinner and talk

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