My mommy's here and I've learned to windsurf

In preparation for my mother's arrival, I decided to book a little house by the beach and stock it with plenty of snacks and fresh fruit.
That night we had a mixture of Indian and Thai food for dinner on our front porch. For dessert we had dragonfruit - which is the coolest looking fruit I have ever seen - hot pink on the outside with bright green detailing and white with black spots on the inside.
As I was walking along Chewang beach before my mother arrived I noticed a sign for windsurfing lessons. I have always wanted to pick up windsurfing, so this looked like a great place to learn. I signed up for 2 1-hour lessons and by the end of the first hour I could pull the sail out of the water while standing on the board and sail straight until I was about to hit something and then fall over.
By the end of my second session, I could curve (to not hit swimmers and boats - which is useful) and turn.I summarized what I learned in my journal so that I could remember next time I rented a board to practice.
Afterward, my mother and I got hour long oil massages on the beach before heading off to dinner.
The next day mom and I took a ferry to Ko Tao, a much smaller and quieter island. We hiked for 40minutes on a steap dirt path to get to Sai Thong Resort - a little collection of bungalows that can only be reached by hiking or by wooden boat. Despite being drenched in sweat when we arrived after carrying my bag and my mom's suitcase to the resort, I immediately felt at home on this island and was so proud of my mom for being in such great shape.
Here is my mother sitting on a granite rock in the resort's secluded cove. The only sounds are the waves lapping against the rocks and the birds chirping in the palm trees.

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I love the windsurfing diagram :)