Phnom Penh - lively but relaxed - I enjoyed my stay

I was ushered into this small temple by an older caretaker (I assume) who proceeded to do the good luck chants (usually done by monks) and shower holy water onto my head and then begin smoking. I couldn't resist this picture!
wooshing mopeds near the Russian market area
Tiny! novice monk
view from my guest house balcony
really nice hotel I visited for the day. You can swim in their pool and lounge about if you order food in their outdoor cafe...tough life

It looks like the elephant is smiling. I smiled a lot too as I traveled around the city. Biking in rush hour was hilarious (very much like a racing video game) and I loved riding side-saddle on the moto-scooters (while practicing being very relaxed like all the Cambodian girls who whirl through traffic without holding on and often texting)

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