Cool Brisbane and Modern Art

I arrived in Brisbane, Australia 2 days about and it was so quiet compared to Bangkok that it seemed like the city had been abandoned leaving me and the cool pattering of the rain that continued for the next 24 hours. I was happy for the cooler weather and spent the entire next day walking around seeing the city in the rain.
Not to mention that I am very excited to be using the extra gear that I had my mother bring from the US for my time in Australia and New Zealand (rain coat, long underwear, hat, dental floss..).

Brisbane is set around a winding river and yesterday I walked through the downtown area, the botanical gardens, went to the bathroom in a university student center and walked along the river front.

I found some lovely mushrooms that were enjoying the rainy weather as well
....as well as a Monet-esque Lilly-pad pond complete with flowers and rain drops

I was delighted to find that that modern art museum focused on large art installations (my fav!), many of which were commissioned for the large and architecturally interesting spaces
Who could not love this abstract piece made entirely of stainless steel tongs? Let me know if anyone sees a great sale of those on-line - I may be in the market.
This colorful, nearly-kitchy room was created by a pair of Indian artists. There was a lot going on but themes included the idolization of famous or successful indians and the hope that is placed in the children that are sent off to do great things, combined with their commentary on the Indian middle-class utopia (painting on the wall)
The detail on this painting was lovely...I miss India

Then there were the Japanese...man they are good. This large piece is a taxidermied elk covered entirely in crystal and glass balls.

This piece is all about surfaces and perception

On the second floor was a room filled with 100,000 white strings of different lengths that you could wander through if you took your shoes off and promised to move slowly and not hurt other walkers

Here is a picture from when I was walking through...very cool

Anybody want to do this with me next year?


Sense for Dollars said...
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Rohit Chopra said...

Brisbane looks less sunny than I imagine

Hope you're well!