I heart Sydney...it reminds me of San Francisco

Sydney from the sky.
The harbor and the Sydney opera house from the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Ferry ride out to Manly.

Outdoor pool - I nearly melted when I saw this...I can't imagine anything much more luxurious than this water-side lap pool, restaurant and yoga center.
I did handstands all over the Botanical and Royal gardens...it harder than I anticipated to take a good picture of yourself doing a handstand. Several people got a good show or failed attempts.
I must say - I am pleased with this one. At the time, I thought I would go around for the rest of the day taking pictures of myself imitating shapes, but that idea pooped out.
I took a tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House.
Here is the symphony hall. I couldn't take a picture of the opera hall because the stage set was copyrighted.
It was a dreamy evening since the tour magically reduced the opera tickets by $100 so I got a ticket to Tosca for $50!...I think I was the only one at the opera in shorts and a dirty under armour shirt - but I was thrilled to be there. Above is the view of the Harbor Bridge at night from the balcony outside the opera house at intermission.


Chris Khan said...

I have yet to try out the ol' stinky-shorts-and-under-armour-t-shirt-surrounded-by-suits-and-ties at the Opera. I congratulate you.

Emma said...

But Cat - where are you now?