Resting up in Ko Samui

Before heading back to Bangkok, mom and I made a 2 day pitstop on a quiet part of Ko Samui. We stayed at Oasis Health resort where most of the guests were there to lose weight and get tan. The pool was gorgeous and right by the ocean. The beach was nearly empty and mom and I went on several walks admiring all the plants and flowers.

These blossoms are everywhere and were often floating flower-side-up in the pool - which was almost unbearably picturesque and romantic.
Since I was there and am a girl of adventure I figured I would try a Colon Cleansing...good god!...It was one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I have done on my trip. You stick a sterile straw up your butt and then have to let 12 Liters of water alternately run into your colon (while you massage your stomach from left to right) and then out of your colon (while you massage your stomach from right to left). In this way you rinse your colon. It took about 45minutes and afterward I had a headache and my stomach felt a little funny. I am sure the miraculous benefits of this adventure are paying dividends as I type.

Cat in pool :)

...next to little concrete elephant

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