Total bliss in wine country

Frankki and I designed to have 2 days of luxury and indulgence between camping trips, which turned out to be an amazingly good call.
We ate divinly fresh lunches at wineries bathed in sunlight paired with our favorite white wines from the tastings before lunch!
We biked like crazy kids between the wineries to visit as many wineries (and chocolatiers) as we could :)...I don't think this picture captures fully how exhausted and gross I am at this point in the day...it turns out Frankki is a much stronger biker than I am and I had to draft behind her to keep up:)...yay for drafting
...I can't believe we got to stay here for 2 nights...it was incredible down to every detail. I can't recommend it highly enough if you ever visit the Marlborough wine region
This is Jo, our BandB host, feeding her little pack of alpacas in the morning. The alpacas keep the grass in the olive orchard nice and short....did you know alpacas only go to the bathroom in a specific area?
Jo brought us breakfast of our choosing up into our separate B&B house every morning at the time of our choosing...you can't get much better taken care of than I felt here

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