After spending the rainy day yesterday working in our groups at home (and playing ping pong), today we headed back to Deepalaya and out into a fourth community called B-block. The gods were favoring us today because cool winds blew in while we were outside, but the rain held off. The people of B-block were cooperative and we gathered our usual mob of small children followers (and a few curious young mothers). Often I exchange a friendly smile with a girl my age...Although, last week I met a 25 year old grandmother, and I still can't wrap my brain around that one...In any case, here is a lovely little family from B-block in front of their home.

When we came out of the alleyway I saw this cart containing some shiny god-statues and some platic green parrots. This is my favorite picture from today.

Also, I learned that there are 'ice cream trucks' near these communities that sell sandy colored ice cream on sticks that seem to be made in the cart and sold for 1 Rp each ($ 1/40)...complete with bell! Yay, for the children!

On the way back to the school we stopped at a local temple. There was a small main building with a painted statue inside and several statues decorating the outside walls and the small surrounding courtyard.

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