Has anyone seen my exercise?

When we first arrived, the 115 F weather made not-dying more of a priority than exersizing. Then there were further challnges: * 'My stomach feels funny' * I have no idea where the gym is * and there are 50 guards all over campus who I am hesitant to wear shorts in front of (because I haven't seen any Indian woman's legs above the ankle yet) and one of my trip goals is not to be mistaken for a prostitute. Nevertheless, Jessica and I headed out to the 'meadow' (I wearing my yoga pants under my shorts - lookin' good...). The meadow, as we have dubbed it, is a piece of open area right next to the train tracks with a concerete stage and a small patch of nice grass surrounded by a lot of tall weeds. By the looks of this area it might have been a graduation site 5 years ago. The small patch of nice grass seems to be expanding from one day to the next with the addition of small piles of pulled up weeds, suggesting that this huge field is being tended by hand. This is only slightly surprising given how overstaffed India seems to be. For example: a small, one-room grocery store has ~8 young male employees: 2 security, 2 to calcuulate the bill and 4 people to bag your 3 boxes of crackers...perfect! Anyhow, around 6:30pm we go out to the field and run for a while. The sun is setting so it is cooler and tranquil. At 7pm the nearby gym is opened by one of the guards and we and the Indian MBA students on campus go into the messy little gym and lift weights. Yesterday I took on the organiation of all the free weights, which were scattered all over the gym and is not only dangerous but makes collecting matching pairs a pain. There are several (100 - 130lb lb?) young men who watched me lift for a while and then asked me if I could teach them what to do. I think I have found a suitable workout schedule for them and will maybe start giving lifting lessons 2 times a week until their form doesn't make me cringe :) Off to work! More pictures tonight or tomorrow.


paige said...

this last paragraph cracks me up. SO Cat.

Valery said...

Look more for the importance of exercise!

Anonymous said...

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