A block and Nehru camp

After completing the first 2-week research study on mother-child health care resources in 5 New Delhi slums, we have begun the second 2-week research project studying information pathways in the slums among different demographic groups. This second project will hopefully enable our host NGO (Deepalaya) to maximize health awareness propagation through targeted publicity. Both of these projects are in preparation to create a community project proposal for HCRA (Handicapped Children Rehalitation Association) that will demand knowledge of slum health issues, education methods, and child disability.
Since we are getting more comfortable working in the slums, we de visited two communities in one day. The first was A block. Here were three women (mother, aunt, and daughter)who were in one of the nicer homes we saw in A block. Men and women in A block tended to be pretty receptive, especially when we managed to draw a large crowd of child and young men followers.
These young men indulged us with our questions. Below a 20 year old young man who finished through the 5th grade answers our questions with a smile as he washes cups and bowls from the soapy water on the surface of his cart. He was scrubbing relaly hard, but it is hard to be entirely convinced when the decorative flies reappear
after washing.
The two pictures below are of children in Nehru camp. Nehru camp is in bad shape with swarms of flies everywhere and human waste throughout this labyrinth of narrow alleyways, in beautiful shades of green in blue. Time to go out for night out on Faridabad for Jessica's birthday ...will let you know how that goes... :)

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