the mysterious laundry system

So far, the laundry system at our residence is quite mysterious. As far as I can tell the system is this: We have a laundry basket in our room (with Winnie the Pooh on it) and if you place it prominently in your room with dirty clothes in it, it will dissapear while you are work and reappear 1-3 days later. When the clothes return there is no information about charges and when you ask, the residence workers tell you they will tell you tomorrow, which they don't. The biggest surprise is that all the clothes come back with your room number written in pen or marker somewhere on them. So, now all the tags of all my shirts and random places on my underwear read '113'...interesting bonus feature to the laundry. The latest twist, is that rumor has it, the laundry person will no longer wash women's underwear, this is unfortuneate because after 25 years I've grown quite accostomed to properly washed underwear... Ah yes...and what of my Indian girl friends from the singing circle? At dinner this evening they were all eager to practice their English (as they are all studying Air Ticketing which apparently will prepare them for careers as stewardesses and airline ticket sellers) and have requested that I come eat dinner with them every night with them. In addition, they explained that they are very bored in the evening time and asked what I do before dinner. I told them that I go running and story short...it looks like there are 8 Indian girls who want to come work out with me at 6:30pm tomorrow....I have no idea what I am in for...should be fun though!


Valery said...

I think that is not mystery:)There are much more other more mysterious places in the world!

Anonymous said...

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