First Day

Getting off the airplane in Delhi was like opening the door to an oven, and instead of closing the oven deciding to get inside the oven and stay for a while. The temperature at 11pm was 110 F and my crew was concerned about what the addition of sun might do to this situation. Our supervisor suggested we drink about 25 glasses of water a day (although it is possible I misheard) and I have already aquired a small army of 1L aquafina bottles. Im pleasantly surprised to discover how wonderfully everything has been organized for us (although the dispensation of these plans seems to come at a very measured pace that I need to adjust to), and am very excited about working with Prof. Miraj who teaches and does research/projects in the area of NGO management. (I lucked out!) We anticipated having Fri-Sun to recover from jetlag but it turns out Fri-Sun is actually our 3 day orientation. Monday we start fieldwork and research at specific NGOs. I will write more about the timeline for the summer tomorrow. Here is the team from MIT; soon I will get pictures of our supervisors and our Indian teammates.

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