Leaving (almost)

I leave for India in two days with my team of 4 other MIT girls: Yamilee, Sony, Jessica, and Julie. We will be the first team participating in a multi-year collaboration between MIT and the Rai Foundation in India. We will work with Indian students for one of three local NGOs. The organization that I am most likely to work for is HCRA (Handicapped Children Rehabilitation Association). The goal of this project is to improve health care access for disabled children in New Delhi. I will write more about the project mission and what we hope to achieve once I get to New Delhi. I have a visa and malaria pills...I think I am ready to go :)


Gergana said...

Good luck Cat! Can't wait to read your blog. I hope you'll be able to post pictures as well. Happy monsoons and try yellow mangoes!

Anonymous said...

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