Monsoon season is here!

The rains started in June 15th. One of the members in our group went out and stood in the rain with their mouth open. Once they returned, our Indian counterparts remarked that the rain was most like acid rain since the first rain absorbs the air pollution...oops

The first day it rained 55 mm and it rained that might and the next morning our campus was flooded with water 8" deep in some areas. Surprisingly the sun came out and the water went away and Saturday was a lovely day. My impression is that monsoon season consists of very heavy rains lasting 1-3 hours 1-3 times a day. Here is a picture of the street from the entrance of our favorite lunch spot near the NGO.

On Friday the teachers at the NGO run school we are based out of asked us if we would help judge a poster/presentation competition between 5 groups of students doing vocational training on various themes ranging from infanticide to why cheating is bad. Here I am lighting one of the ceremonial candles on stage...our unexpected participation in this event was bewildering but fun.

On the way home, our autorickshaw (containing 3 girls) was followed by these two young men on a motorcycle who apparently wanted to come to our house.
NOTE: the record for most people seen on a motocycle stil stands at 5!



alexandra.tweedie said...

hey the sis!

waiting for a train in Mora (Dalarna province, where Dala horses are made), and i finally have time to catch up with your blog. india and your work sound amazing. new and strange experiences for sure.

couldn't be more different than my travels in Sweden. outside the small towns you hardly see any people at all. and everyone - even the cows and sheep - get exceptional health care. ... though i guess the cows in india are treated pretty well too...

love ya!

Anonymous said...

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