Out and About in Central Delhi

On Saturday all five of us girls set out to explore on our own. We took the public bus from Badapur Border (where we also pick up autorickshaws) to a neighborhood in Delhi near Lajpat Nagar, a big market known for being good for deals on clothing. On the way I saw a 'heavily' loaded cart transporting hay and I stood in the open bus doorway to take this picture:
As we were walking through a residential area we came upon this lovely Ganesh temple:
Once at the market, we (I mean Sony) bargained for Kurti's (just the tops that can be worn over jeans and suits (salvar kamis), which is a top and a bottom. We also looked at skirts and I checked out some cheap tupperware :)

We took shelter in the air conditioned sari shop and were impressed by all the colorful and sparkly fabrics that the helpers threw out one after another:
After going to the market we headed over to India Gate where in the now cooler weather, there is a 4th of July atomosphere: children playing in the fountains, families BBQing on the grass, lots of vendors selling snack food and noise-makers. Here I am in front of India Gate (a memorial to fallen Indian soldiers). Around 7:30pm it was dusk and my Lonely Planet guide showed one restaurant in the near vicinity - I led everyone through a not promising looking area as it began to get dark and my mid was filling with doubt but then a nice lady asked us if we were looking for anything and it was only

...In other words: "I sail!" (see What About Bob?)

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