Workin' the alleyways

Today, Dr. Miraj joined us in the community to talk to the community committee that our team has assembled from the community (one member shown in picture below, Dr. Miraj on the left, and other interested community member on right) and talk to the community itself. He was a big asset today because he speaks Bengali - the primary language in this slum, even though most people in Delhi speak Hindi.

Here is our supervisor working the crows in our project area with a sample garbage can to dicuss the plan and its benefits more concretely with the community members.
Daily picture of garbage - this is sewage garbage fished out by the municipal garbage worker and then left on the sidewalk for evntual pick-up...yeah, that is nice for the toddelers, especially because many of the kids use these waterways as latrines.
After a full morning in the community we head over to the Department of Social Work at Jamia Mia Islamia to talk to students and professors about our project and get their feedback on the problems we are facing what recommendations they have for potential solutions. I had a plate of rice and beans and a pepsi for lunch at the school canteen and then we recovered from the morning in a quadrangle before our meeting with the social workers.
From left to right: Yamilee, Mansi, Sammy, Priya, Jessica, Meenu and Julie.
From left to right: Dharani, Musheer and Catherine (that's ME!)Big day...feels good...feels tired...time for bed.

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