Workload increases increasingly quickly...

Our timeline converges a week of work into every day. Our ten group members scatter to eight different tasks that all need to be coordinated, requiring detailed strategy planning every night before bed. A bad day could mean the death of our community project, and so we are getting the Indian girls to move from their homes into our rooms for the last two weeks. This means that the Indian girls will live away from home in the first time in their lives and also that we will be sharing beds :)

I couldn't be more proud of how our group is evolving and rolling with the punches...in my opinion we are pretty much community project rockstars.

...Anyway, yesterday morning there was a lot of traffic, so our auto (as well as many other vehicles) opted for a dirt path on the side of the road.

Here I am meeting with the local men of power. In the back row is the regional President, Secretary and Vice Pres. of the Congress Party (the party in power) and I am sitting next to the regional Municipal Councilor, who manages the waste management company as part of his resposibilities.

I wanted to mention that this office is in the back of a fancy furniture store and this meeting is much what I would imagine it would be like if I were meeting with the godfather. I was impressed with how much seemed to get done all at once.
Here is one of our community committee members - we are showing her one of the posters we made to count down the days until the trash bins come (also displaying our 'logo' and slogan (in Hindi))

Here is my local garbage drain picture for the day.

Here is Musheer having a conversation with a very aggressive community woman after one of our community education skit performances.
This was an extremely rough day for most of the group, it was long and many details were not planned well enough or did not go as we expected. We needed to reinspire the group...Yamilee and I came up with the idea of a short morning dance party where we would learn dance moves to go along with our slogan and just take a little time in the morning to relax as a group and eat cookies and drink juice....what a great team!

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