Cashew liquor and coconut flower wine

My comments on these two drinks: Fenni - the cashew liquor smalls bad and tastes worse Kallu - coconut flower tonic (wine) - this drink tastes a little funky but grows on you. During our 7 hour backwaters tour Jessica and I split a litre of Kallu immediately after it was collected from the coconut flowers. Here is a little blurb stolen from another site: “Palm sap begins fermenting immediately after collection due to natural yeasts in the air. Within two hours, fermentation yields an aromatic wine of up to 4% alcohol content, mildly intoxicating and sweet. The wine may be allowed to ferment longer, up to a day, to yield a stronger, more sour and acidic taste, which some people prefer. Longer fermentation produces vinegar instead of stronger wine.” What hs happened since the last blog? I'm so glad you asked... August 12th: after our leisurely breakfast and lunch we rented bicycles for about $0.10 an hour and biked around the perimeter of part of the island. This was the perfect way to get around the beach village island and see the interior village life - and of course buy lots more mini-bananas (we like them very much..they are just so darn cute). From 5-6:30 I had an awesome 90 min Hatha yoga class with a guy who has been practicing since 1970 - his english was pretty good and showed me lots of new yoga positions to work on...yay. Then, from 7-8pm (since it had been such a hard day) - I got a 60 min ayurvedic massage. August 13th: motored and punted around the backwaters all day and got to see the main local industries: fisherman (collecting fish, muscles, scallops...and sand, actually), muscle shell processors (making the powder for everything from calcium tablets to white paint), rope mking (from the husk of the coconut), and of course coconut harvesting (for food and oils...). Now for an early dinner followed by another overnight train ride adventure! Singing off, Yours, The Cat

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