Arrival in Paradise

The rice paddies of Karnataka as enjoyed from the open door of a moving train are fantastic. The strong wind adds a little excitement as I hold the outside rails tightly and watch two women in brightly colored, windblown sarees walk in a zig-zagged path accross the brilliant green fields. Old men wearning a single white cloth fish in small lilly pond lakes with bambooo poles. In northern Kernataka the train passes through a mountain tunnel and the emrald landscape is replaced with blackness. I notice teh smell of the nearby bananna fritter salesman (thank goodness it is not the smell of the latrine again!), and enjoy the warm metal window frame beneath my forearm. At 2pm we arrived in beautiful Palolem. Large, clean beaches, surrounded by dense palm tree groves and small green mountains in the distance. I swam and body boarded, built a sand castle and walked along the beach. Tomorrow we will rent a scooter and visit the more secluded nearby beaches... smile.


#Computing(01) said...

Hi Cat,
I am a Bangladeshi. Neighbor of India. I was enjoying your experiences in India. Your writing is awesome. Hope you will keep it up.

I am maintaining a blog on science, engineering, technology, computing etc. Would you write for my blog?

Send me your writing.

Mahbub Manik

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