Delhi Good-byes

Well Delhi, despite the dust and the heat...we will miss you.

This picture is dedicated to my friend Deepak. I am so happy we met.
On my father's tennis buddy's recommendation we headed out for one last dinner as a group to the Bhukara restaurant in the Sheraton hotel, New Delhi. This is the biggest piece of Naan I have ever seen...however, we chose not to buy the $30 piece of gaint naan.
Yamilee and I "cheers" our bronze cups.
I know this picture doesn't do a good job of selling the dish, but let me tell you, this was the tastiest stuffed bell-pepper I have ever had - it had a spicy, vegitable curry including cashews and raisins in it.
Here we are in our Indian garb...aren't we cute...and SOOOOO tired...not to mention paranoid that these saris tied at a below-amateur-level were going to fail us at any moment.

Well, our car comes to take us to the air port in 4 hours and I have have not finished packing, so...yeah. See everyone in Goa!

Good night


DEEPAK said...

Thanks dear for the lord Budha's pious picture.You are looking extremely beautiful in SARRE.Enjoy your holidays in GOA.Thanks for the great work done by you for my people.

Your Friend,

maximus said...

Hi friend,
very nice to see your blog...
and the images...awesome..

Kirthy said...

Just a stranger passing by - saw your blog. Have to say, made me home sick. :D

I am curious to know what are you doing up there? I have never seen someone roam around my country in the most extreme corners where most people would not want to go. To tell you the truth - I am impressed. :)

hemant said...

Hi ...
I happened to see your blog while searching for '2007 indian monsoon'!!! ....want to thank you for this nicely written, right from heart blog....thanks for visiting my country..I hope you had a comfortable stay and people were nice to you.There is an ancient sanskrit saying in india which says 'Atithi Devo bhava'...means 'A Guest is equivalent to god'
Bye, take care

Anonymous said...

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