South India

I want to stay on the green cliff above the Arabian Sea with the strong sea- breeze encircling me. The vegitation in Goa during monsoon season is so dense that the small roads and nestled houses struggle to stay exposed. 6 August: Around 1pm our war-weary public service group pulled itself together for one last combined effort and gave a presentation to the Chairman of the Rai Fountation. He apparently had met with MIT's Dean Daniel Hastings the day before about strengthening MITs collaborations in India..cool.I stayed up all night with Jessica to finish the report, so the 6th led right into thr 7th...As we were leaving for the airport I had intense "feeling like I am forgetting something"...but it must have just been the sleep that I had forgotten. 7 August: Delhi by airplane to Goa at 11am- (because of Yamilee's flight schedule Jessica and I got to the airport about 5 hours early so we got in an early breakfast and a solid nap ). Upon arrival we took a taxi to Panaji (Goa's Portuguese inspired capital). We went on an extremely slow walking tour of the gorgeous european town with Indian detailing. We had dinner at an outdoor restaurant adn I had the local specialty of prawn curry rice. We stayed in a family run Park Lane Lodge with two twin beds, fan and shared, outdoor restrooms/shower stalls. The gate is locked 10pm - but getting to bed early suited us just great. 8 August: Met up with german girls our age at 8am whom we met the might before and went sightseeing and shopping (although we tried really hard not to) at several beach villages. Panaji by bus to Mapusa for 8Rs ($0.20). Mapusa to Anuja by bus. Taxi to Vegator where we stayed for the night. 9 August: Morning treck through desolate Vegator looking for breakfast and internet. Found both: toast, eggs, (indian) hash browns, and banana porridge :) Train down to Kerala this evening.

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