Happy 60th Independence Day, Dearest India!

Today I did yoga on the beach in the morning, had mixed fruit, yogurt and tea for breakfast, rented a scooter and drove to two nearby beach villages (don't worry mom, we only had one small, mini-accident, even though I have never driven a scooter before and didn't even know which knob was the accellerator). I had a vegitable curry with rice for lunch and then passed out in my room for an hour nap. Then we went to the beach and I swam to an island against the current which took a really long time and I was very tired and when I got to the island it was surrounded by shallow, poity and slimy rocks and I just hung on to the closest one for a while until I could come up with the best plan for getting back to the beach. Then I got back to my blanket and read from my book of short stories until the sun went down and then Jessica and I retuned the scooter for the daily rental fee of $5. Dinner included fresh mint tea, freshly caught prawns pan fried in generous amounts of butter, salad and topped off with a brownie covered in what tasted like brownie batter..yes! Now to return to the room with Jessica and see if there are any more 007 movies on our little TV. Need to get up early for a few more hours of beach time before check-out. I will miss you very much India. Thank you for an amazing summer.


Prabhu said...

Thanks for visiting India ma'm!

John said...

There must be more - does it have to end here?

Zarin khan said...

Hi Cathrine ,
Hope you be fine and doing well,
as I have glance on your blog you had already spent good time in Goa.
anyway be success in your life ,
Zarin Sultani

Anonymous said...

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