Watery victory in the Fjordlands

No good adventure would be complete without Cat exclaiming "Frankki, we're losing power...." as we were hurrying toward Christchurch to pick up our 3rd partner in crime...luckily, running out of gas can be fixed by hitchhiking with the first German surfer in a van who stops to take you to a gas station.
On our drive from Christchurch to Queenstown (that same day) we stopped for a nice dinner before going into the world of freeze dried and pre-packaged meals. It turns out trouble makers #2 and #3 actually knew each other from the bay area way back in the day, which always adds to the feeling of fulfilling a prophesized quest for human greatness in the Fjordlands.
Here is us at Time = 0
about T = 3 hours...first (and only) fresh horse carcass. I am smiling here, but I admit that this image lingered with me through the afternoon...especially because the hoof was the only thing not fully decomposed....gross...
T  = ~7 hours...already looking a little crazy, in my opinion.
T = 20 hours...we have no idea what is in store for us on this brutal day 2. My camera battery died, so I don't have documentation of the grim challenges that followed, let it suffice to say that at my low point I yelled into the forrest "I am not playing your water mind games and more!" and proceded to make my 30th river crossing by just walking through - without any hope of keeping my lower half dry
T = ...umm, sometime on the 3rd day...you'd never guess from these pictures that we just spent the last 40min climbing and slipping up a "trail" covered in ice/snow and flowing ice water. Wow, did it feel good to get to the top...so good.
Fly Frankki!
Fly Steve!
Fly Cat!


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Awesome photos. Seems like you are having experiences worthy of your dreams of this trip!

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